Diversity & Inclusion


We are actively engaged in making inclusion a core part of the selection process for finding great people

Arkesden Gender Diversity in Private Equity 2022 Report

Finding the best people for any company means looking at all available talent in the global market. The underlying point being to include gender, ethnicity and social mobility as part of any and all selection processes to build the very best team a company can based on skillset and talent.

The Equity and Credit fund market is actively engaged through varying degrees, to make inclusion a core part of the selection process for finding great people.

Arkesden has been at the forefront of planning and delivery of broad diversity and inclusion talent when searching for our clients by adopting a multitude of innovative strategies. We aim to tailor our work to each client’s needs and knowledge based on their independent journey to date sourcing as broad a range of people as possible. Every fund has its own challenges and historic success or failure on evaluating a broad set of possible employees.

Arkesden sees one of its roles being to educate, plan, deliver and maintain inclusion hiring for our clients. We don’t believe the answer is in positive discrimination but in bringing a broad selection of excellent people to the table regardless of background, gender or social status.

We partner with specialist gender and social mobility institutions, sponsor and appear at events and run our own bespoke workshops for D&I candidate bases. Given the fast-moving pace of D&I in corporate life generally, we aim to be educated by innovative thinking from others as well as implementing established methodologies around D&I.

But Arkesden has to ultimately challenge itself to deliver through our work in mapping and delivering short lists to our clients. We view gender and diversity hiring not as a tick list exercise that we can complete, it is a never ending and fundamental requirement of any institution that wishes to remain current, fair and commercially successful.